Produkt links

Here you will find links to suppliers of the facilities I use with treatments:


Imbalance in the body caused by problems in the feet can be corrected with a treatment with SuperSole. A SuperSole is a custom molded shoe sole to effectively relieve or remedy your problems faster than you would think possible and at lower costs than other types of treatment.
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Irradia Laserterapi

Irradia is a Swedish company in medical technology, specialized in laser medicine and has over 30 years of experience in this area. On an international scale Irradia has become a household name for their products and knowleds among scientists and other manufacturers.
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Here you will find links to my partners:

Weinreich Smärtmottagning

Weinreich Smärtmottagning is a small practice with many years of experience with pain treatment and anesthesia. Treatment at Weinreich strats from your induvidual medical history and your experience of the pain. Together with you we will diagnose the cause of your pain and use that as a starting point to create an individual treatment plan.
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Haninge FysioCenter

Haninge FysioCenter (HFC) was founded in 1994 and now employs 20 physical therapists in the newly renovated clinic which contains a gym, class rooms and treatment rooms.
The physical therapists are specialized in the examination and treatment of functional disorders, injuries and musculoskeletal diseases in accordance with recent techniques.
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