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(Bokadirekt is only a booking service and cannot answer questions about for example Tavakoly Medical Treatment as a clinic, the treatments that are offered or questions about you as a patient.)

After you have booked an appointment you will receive a confirmation via e-mail with the details for the meeting, how to get here and other necessary information.

Door to till Tavakoly Medical Treatments

Welcome in!

I off course strictly follow the laws regarding privacy, health care records and archiving. All treatment and personal records are kept according to the Privacy law.

NOTE: It is only possible to book/cancel an appointment through the Bokadirekt. If it would be so that you are in the need of personal contact with me, please contact Bokadirekt so they can convey your message to me.


Tavakoly Medical Treatment
Surbrunnsgatan 66, 6tr
113 27, Stockholm

Price information

A visit will cost only 200kr, no matter whether it is for a first or follow-up meeting. You can charge every visit to your high-cost protection for possible accreditation of a medical treatment free-pass. In the case of when you already have a free-pass for healthcare within Stockholm Läns Landsting your treatments will be free of charge on show of the free-pass.

Mohsen Tavakoly

Reg. Physical Therapist

  • Acupunkture
  • Laser (pain treatment)
  • OMT (Orthopedic Manual Therapy)
  • Supersole (footbed)
  • Treatment of sports related injuries

Mohsen Tavakoly is a registered physical therapist and offers physiotherapy treatments for the whole body through a wide range of treatment methods. He has worked as a physical therapist since 2008 and treated patients with muscle/joint problems and he has worked together with sports physicians and other physical therapists since 1994. Mohsen has been working in Sweden, Europe and the Middle East.

Cancellations: An appointment can be canceled latest 24 hours before the appointments start. If you don't cancel in time you will be charged the by the county prescribed fee of 400 kr. The same applies if you do not arrive at the appointment before half of the treatment time has passed. These same rules apply to patients under the age of 20.


Fysisk aktivitet på recept

Book a free information session

These information sessions are meant for those with a prescription for FaR or for those who just have purchased a FaR-pass. During these sessions you will get to meet a health educator who will guide you and inspire you to get started with your training.

How is a FaR-pass different from other trainings passes?

A FaR-pass offers above all low intensity activities. This means those types of work out that don’t form a too big of a stress on your body. The trainings sessions are led by certified trainers from Friskis & Svettis who are extra sensitive to those who are FaR-exercisers. With the FaR-pass you can can choose from over 1 hundred different sessions a week.

What is included in the FaR-pass?

  • Various forms of aerobics/fitness classes
  • Strength training
  • A personal instruction to the gym
  • Spinning
  • Nordic Walking


600 kr + 100kr for the membership. With the pass you can do all the work outs that de card offers at any time. Please show your FaR prescription and your identification at the purchase of the pass. The pass is valid for three months from the day of purchase.

How to get a prescription

A prescription can only be written by registered health care professionals like doctors, nurses and physical therapists. To get a prescription adapted physical activities have to be considered to be a suitable method to improve your health and treat your illness. Talk to me as you physical therapist if you would like to get a prescription.