Tavakoly Medical Treatment

Tavakoly Medical Treatments is run by Mohsen Tavakoly (reg. Physical therapist) and offers physiotherapy treatments for the whole body through a wide range of treatment methods. I have worked as a physical therapist since 2008 and treated patients with muscle/joint problems and I have worked together with sports physicians and other physical therapists since 1994. I have been working in Sweden, Europe and the Middle East.

The goal that I have as a physical therapist is to ensure that you as a patient will come to the stage of recovery where you don’t need any more treatments as quickly as possible. It is usually so that the responsibility of maintaining your health lies with yourself. I will help you with that by share my knowledge about your problems so that you will become independent in your treatment and hopefully avoid recurring injuries.

How often we will meet is something we will agree on together. There are no limits to how often we will need or can meet: all treatments will be adjusted to your individual needs.

I am a registered physical therapist and my specialty is Orthopedic Manual Therapy (OMT), but I also use methods like laser (laser therapist), acupuncture (acupuncturist with focus on pain management), dry needling and SuperSole. I have a sports physician education from Karolinska Institutet and I am also a licensed personal trainer and gym instructor. I of course continue to educate myself on a regular basis and I keep up to date of the latest research and findings within my area of expertise and physical therapy in general. 

Tavakoly Medical treatments waiting room

Waiting room

My physical therapy practice is privately run, but I am affiliated with Stockholms Läns Landsting which means that I can receive patients without a referral from their doctors from the whole Storstockholm area for whom the cost ceiling is in place. A visit will cost only 200kr, no matter whether it is for a first or follow-up meeting. You can charge every visit to your high-cost protection for possible accreditation of a medical treatment free-pass. In the case of when you already have a free-pass for healthcare within Stockholm Läns Landsting your treatments will be free of charge on show of the free-pass.


To contact me personally you can call Bokadirekt
tel: 0920-47 69 01 and request to get in touch with me. They will send me a message after which I will call you as soon as possible. Please try to describe the matter at hand as well as you can.

I off course strictly follow the laws regarding privacy, health care records and archiving. All treatment and personal records are kept according to the Privacy law.