Where do I go if I have questions?

If it would be so that you are in the need of personal contact with me, please contact Bokadirekt so they can convey your message to me.

How do I get a copy of a certificate?

To get a copy of a certificate you will have to pay a fee set to a certain rate. The regular patient fees of the county don't cover certificates. Certificates are not either included in the high-cost protection.

What do I do if I need transportation services?

You as a patient will have to book the transportion service yourself by calling tel. 077-670 01 67. If you have questions about the services you can contact the customer service at tel. 08-720 80 80. Get more information on www.fardtjansten.sll.se/sjukresor (in Swedish).  If your transportation card (sjukresekort) has to be charged by Tavakoly Medical Treatment before your visit, it is very important that you take care of this well in advance. Send an e-mail to info@tavakolymedicaltreatment.com at least seven days before the set appointment to get your card charged. (Note: only via e-mail)

What do I do if I need a translator?

You can book a translator yourself though the translator services "Tolkförmedling" tel. 08-12 08 00 00 or www.transvoice.se.

Help with the treatment of stroke rehabilitation?

Treatment of a stroke asks for a very specific expertise. I recommend stroke victims to take contact with a physical therapist who is specialized in treating neurological damages and illnesses. They will be able to offer you better care for this diagnose than I can.